Description of the event

Grenoble Idex is honored to organize the second joint workshop between McMaster University and the Centre national de la recherche scientifique (CNRS). It will be hosted in Grenoble, from July 14 to July 17 2019. 

The workshop series was initiated in 2018 at McMaster to support and further the long-standing productive and collaborative work between McMaster and French research units. The fields covered by this collaboration are numerous and varied and include Materials Science and Metallurgy, Pure and Applied Mathematics, Theoretical Physics, Theoretical Chemistry, Ecology and Geosciences, Anthropology and Archeo-science, Astronomy and astrophysics, Biology and Neurosciences.

The purpose of this workshop is to build upon the momentum of the first edition.

  • Ratify a memorandum of understanding between French and Canadian institutions
  • Present an overview of the collaborative projects funded in 2018 by McMaster University
  • Discuss the prospects to organize future joint calls for projects
  • Extend the framework of the agreement to large scale facilities such as ILL

For this second workshop, about 20 attendees from Ontario universities are expected and an equivalent number of researchers from French universities and CNRS (Grenoble, Lyon, Rennes, Toulouse, Paris, Strasbourg).

The event will be hosted in the facilities of Phelma school, part of Grenoble INP, conveniently located within walking distance from train and bus stations. The event will open with the 14th of July celebrations.

Organizing committee

  • Muriel Braccini (CNRS)
  • Aurélien Gourrier (CNRS)
  • Olivier Isnard (UGA)
  • Jean-Pierre Landesmann (Université Rennes-1)
  • Eric Maire (CNRS)
  • Hugo Van Landeghem (CNRS)
  • Marc Verdier (CNRS)
  • Muriel Véron (Grenoble INP)



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